True Journalism

Because so many ways exist to get news the line between “news” and “media” has become blurred. I was taught as a journalist that “news” meant information and “media” meant entertainment. “Inside Edition” was the first show to blur the line between the two–and the host was none other than Bill O’Reilly, now on Fox News. I hold fast, however, to the distinction, and to the distinctions between journalists, reporters, pundits and bloggers. Journalists have a degree from an accredited journalism school and have been published in a reputable newspaper or had their work shown by a reputable network. A journalist does a great deal of research and is willing to lay in seagull dung all night if it means catching a certain cruise line dumping human waste off the coast of California. A reporter, on the other hand, usually reads what has been written for them, although there are some that do write their own material. A pundit, on the other hand, spouts his or her opinion, sometimes based on facts and sometimes not. Finally, a blogger can be a journalist but is only protected by a journalism shield law if they have met the criteria of being a journalist (according to the United States Supreme Court); while many journalists such as myself do blog, many bloggers use the Internet to share everything from their theories on government conspiracies to their recipes for chocolate chip cookies.

With this blog I hope to behave as a journalist should, such as having more than one independent, verified source for a fact, for example. When I am giving my opinion I will state so in advance of what is written.

Please bear with me these next few weeks as I pull this blog together from notes hurriedly written at 3am. I look forward to sharing with you foreign policy analysis as the world changes underneath our feet, as well as some insight into medical fields, the news and Hollywood.


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