US Surreptitiously Aids Syrian Rebels: Sept 2, 2012

While most of America slept, the United States Navy surreptitiously aided Syrian rebels in repelling the Syrian Army.

From a naval battlegroup in the Strait of Hormuz, several un-encoded, step-by-step directions on defeating Syrian Army tanks and planes were sent via text-message and cell phone directly to rebels and citizens trying to re-take cities and the Syrian airport.

Two U.S. Navy sources confirmed that such messages were sent, although it was requested by the sources that this information be held for twelve hours to enable the U.S. military to assess what, if any, impact had occurred.

Such texts include, but are not limited to, “(B)e sure to use [a] tank shell that looks like it has a spike on it.  This is a penetrator.”

Perhaps most interesting of the information was said about downing Russian MIGS, the infamous plane favored by the Russian Air Force.  How the Syrian Air Force was able to obtain these planes is no mystery: Russia has been open about aiding Syrian President al-Assad in his quest to destroy not only the Syrian rebels but his own people as well.

When asked about these events, a U.S. State Department spokesperson said, “We hope the international community is able to resolve this conflict.”  A spokesperson for the Pentagon declined comment but did not deny the messages had been sent by U.S. Navy personnel.

Although by daylight the Syrian Army had resumed its shelling and it appeared the rebels were once again being pushed back, the only certainties that remain is that the situation is fluid and the loss of life will continue.